Ken Carpenter
Elder Ken Carpenter of Hendersonville, TN shared a unique experience of forgiveness in his life before he offered the opening prayer of our event. The full text of his message appears below… (click on the pages to enlarge). Ken’s email is follow elderkc134@gmail.com.


Additional materials from Ken Carpenter…

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The Power Of Forgiveness 1

The Power Of Forgiveness 1

The Power Of Forgiveness 1

The Power Of Forgiveness 1

(PDF of this message) ~ (Audio testimonial)

The following is a real-life testimony which someone sent after reading about “The Power Of Forgiveness”…

“I have an amazing testimonial I’d like to share with you I have had a very difficult life for 10 years with chronic pain, which had degenerated to a point where I felt like I was the walking dead. I have also had a terrible time finding work ever since being fired two years ago, even though I have over 20 years of college experience and many other management years of experience. The woman who fired me was the first person on my list of people who I hated and wanted to suffer as I believed she had ruined my life. I carried a vengeful heart with me every where I went. I was also suffering from extreme insomnia and hadn’t slept for five days in a row when I received your letter about forgiveness. In fact, the week of my inability to sleep was so debilitating, I wanted (twice) to go out to the field behind my house and put a gun in my mouth to end this unbearable suffering. I did of course talk myself out of it, praying during those long hours in the middle of the night, to God to please help me.

When I read this letter of God’s tormentors it made me realize that I had indeed reached the lowest point possible, and was unable to fight anymore. I read the words and made my list. In my state of complete surrender, I read each name and prayed fervently for each person who had hurt me. It was a long list of people, and I feel that because I was feeling so weak, it possibly made it easier to forgive them as I had no sense of pride at all left in me, and maybe Gods plan was to reach me at my lowest and most vulnerable, yet open, state of heart. I prayed, cried and spent many hours on my knees. God heard this prayer. My whole being has changed and I felt compassion and strength as only God can give. I also experienced true miracles within hours of this time that I spent asking for Gods forgiveness. I received a phone call from an employer that I had interviewed with months before, for a job with the State, in effect my dream job with great pay, close to home, and health insurance to boot!!! Of course I am elated with my newfound employment, which will carry me through to retirement. It was a miracle, but it was just the beginning. The next morning following my prayer, I woke with NO PAIN, and am still, to this day, pain free. I have a degenerative disease that is inexplicably in recourse. Truly God Is Good and his forgivenss, as well as my ability to honestly get my hatred and vengeance out of my heart has changed my life.

I still pray daily for my friends and my former “enemies” and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending such a powerful message. Now, instead of having a list of people I want to get revenge, I have a list of people who have saved my life and consider you to be on the top of that list. Thank you so much.”

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